Southern Refrigeration was founded in 2004 by Derryl Walls, Keith Jackson and Richard Armond. We had been working in commercial refrigeration for a large corporation, racking up 58 years of experience among us.

The layers of bureaucracy in that large corporation created inconsistency, unreliability and weaker customer service. It was the opposite of the way we wanted to do business. So, we decided to start a new company that puts the client first.

Southern Refrigeration Mission Statement

We focus on giving our clients unparalleled quality in refrigeration service, installation, and equipment. We help our clients reach their goals by providing the best solutions for their refrigeration needs. We are dedicated to our team and focused on developing their knowledge and expertise. We will continue to be the most innovative, efficient, and leading experts in commercial refrigeration.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Your refrigeration never takes a break, and neither do we.

We Know The Clock Is Ticking

When clients contact us with a cooling system problem, we promise to provide a timely and comprehensive response, including steps to prevent perishable product loss.

We Solve Problems Before They Become Problems

Our main goal is to prevent emergency repair calls. We achieve this through:

  • proper installation of quality equipment
  • regular maintenance that keeps systems running smoothly year-round.

Our Team Is The Best In The Business

Our team is made up of experts in the very specific field of commercial refrigeration storage. Southern Refrigeration employs a full-time staff trainer who’s a 30-year veteran of the commercial refrigeration industry. He provides ongoing education for all our technicians to keep their skills on point. He also performs surprise on-site spot checks of their maintenance, repair and installation jobs, to ensure our high standards.